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About Me

Steven Strooh

Wide Format Print Industry Consultant

In 1994 I met Mike Duff. For some reason he insisted on calling the wide format color division I spearheaded, "that bumblebee place". Interestingly, my own story mirrors the life of a bumblebee. In a recent study of the cognitive abilities of bees, it was found that the bees adapted faster and learnt a task much better by observing another bee doing the same task.

There are different roles for bees in the hive. Of course there is the Queen bee, and others are Nurse bees. while others are warriors. The Scout bees are the pioneer bees, the ones that venture away from the hive in search of new sources of nectar.

In order to sustain and grow the hive these Scout bees take risks to find, collect and bring home the pollen for the benefit of the hive.

As Henry Ford once said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

My role has always been to analyze, learn, teach, coach and implement solutions that have led to incredible growth for my organizations. Whether as a Public Prosecutor, Senior Lecturer in Photography or as a Board Member of RMX Network for five years, I have been a multiplier, bringing original solutions to fruition that resulted in growth for the wide format printing department, increased profitability for the organization, or better value for the Partners.

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What we do

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