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In our highly competitive industry, you need to drive continuous business optimization and innovation to remain competitive and relevant. This will enable you to deliver the best products and services to your customers. Our deep knowledge and experience in the wide format printing industry, make Strooh Consulting Services an ideal partner to help you take your business to the next level. 


My initial career, lecturing in photography and media, was followed by nearly 30 years of ground-breaking work in the large format print industry.

My customer focus, love of business and the process of bringing innovation to our market, has helped me to leverage new business ideas, technology and people, to grow new successful businesses from the ground up.

I find it easy to grasp new concepts, and I find it hugely satisfying to deliver change and bring new learning and knowledge to the people who need it.

My past success and track record as a leader in the industry, including my Board of Directors positions with RMX Network over the past 7 years, has led me to start my own consultancy. 

My goal is to partner with organizations who want to be the best - more competitive, profitable, sustainable, and able to delight and grow their customer base.

Join My Online Wide Format Elevate Programs

I can assist you when you want to elevate your wide format business to the next level. Whether it is equipment purchase decisions or software implementation, I can speed the process by providing insights and practical guidance.

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RMX NETWORK Partner of the Year

This prestigious award is presented annually to the Partner which best exemplifies the commitment and value to the RMX Network.



Voted by the Network this annual award is presented to the individual who best demonstrates a willingness to share knowledge and insights leading to the success of the Partners and the RMX Network as a whole.



Steven’s deep industry knowledge and his natural ability for teaching have made him a go-to resource at Cushing for nearly two decades. - Joseph X. Cushing
Owner, Cushing & Co

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“In our industry, it is rare to find someone who has the knowledge, experience and process expertise of Steven Strooh. Steven has an innate ability to understand customers’ needs and immediately apply decisive, consistent and relevant advice that delivers immediate results while also providing the building blocks for incremental growth.”

Thomas Giglio
North American Latex Business Lead
HP Graphics Solutions Business

"I met Steven approximately three years ago at a ReproMAX conference in San Francisco where I was speaking. During my presentation, he asked questions that indicated he was listening intently and applying what he was learning to his own business. We continued our conversation after my speech and in addition to his delightful accent, I was impressed with the intensity of his commitment to improving his business. Since that time, we have worked together on several occasions, and I continue to be impressed by his love of learning. He is generally thrilled with each new thing he learns and eager to share it with his employees, customers, and peers. If you are looking for a true partner, who will strive to understand your business challenges and market opportunities and work with you to define the perfect solution to deliver your desired results, Steven and his company should be at the top of your list."

Kate Dunn
Evolve Sales Group, Inc

“When we were gaining traction in the U.S. market, Steven had a vision for not only how we could promote our machines, but also how those machines could best serve our customers. We highly recommend Steven’s knowledge and ability to communicate the benefit he has seen using our products. I highly recommend Steven not only as an industry veteran but as an honest and devoted individual and most of all a good friend.”

Mike Kyritsi
SwissQprint | Mike Kyritsi | President

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