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November's Color of the Month

Natural and light Faded Denim has washed ashore the design world as Pattern Design's November Color of the Month!

'Faded Denim' is a washed-out blue with a greyish cast. Its cool charisma is hard to resist. A certain nostalgic touch can hardly be overlooked, so 'Faded Denim' is very suitable for vintage looks. Natural, light materials can also be embellished very well with pattern designs in 'Faded Denim'.

So put on 'Blue Jeans' from Lana del Rey and start choosing your favorite 'Faded Denim' patterns!

In their pattern collection you will find matching ornaments in different styles. If your desired pattern is not yet available in 'Faded Denim', it can be recolored to match on their website.

Using you can start with some ready-made faded-denim-themed palettes or create your own color schemes from their incredible array of customizable and scalable seamless patterns. These vector patterns are ideal for printing wallcoverings and soft-signage. Search for these color codes: #798ea4, #67829a, #59728e, #8fadbd

No matter how you choose to use faded denim, it will bring a vintage look to your décor.


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