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Miracle Photo Enhancement?

Updated: May 16, 2022

Picture it: Your client has sent over photographs for a wallcovering décor project. In the email, they acknowledge that the images could “use some improvement,” but still want them to be enlarged to wall size. With a skeptical sigh, you open the files to find woefully low-res images that wouldn’t enlarge to the size of a poster much less a wall.

This is a common problem. Since most cameras do not have sufficient resolution to print nine-foot-tall images, and our customers think a thumbnail from their website will cover a billboard, a miracle solution is in order.

Since décor projects are typically worth thousands of dollars in revenue, saving these images really impacts profitability!

Dallas-based Topaz Labs has created software that uses Artificial Intelligence to accurately enhance resolution, reduce noise or graininess, sharpen, and remove JPEG artifacts.

Here’s an amazing example: A few months ago, I photographed a group of pelicans that needed help. You can see the results in the images below.

How it works

The AI-enabled software compares millions of high-quality images that are similar to the one you are working on and chooses those that closely match the key aspects of the images you’re enhancing. All without changing anything! By incorporating those aspects visual information is actually added to the image, rather than just interpolating the existing pixels. The results are incredible.

In the past, we often used Photoshop interpolation, or Fractals software, to get better results. But it was seldom enough to fix low resolution, blurry images, or images damaged by too much compression and repeated editing of a JPEG image.

How to get it

Topaz Lab’s suite of applications can be purchased together and will cover all of a wide format printing facility’s needs. Each application can also be purchased separately. Their stable of miracle-inducing products includes DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, Sharpen AI, Video Enhance AI, Topaz Mask AI, Topaz Adjust AI, Topaz Studio AI, and Topaz JPEGtoRAW AI.

If you haven’t used these tools before, I recommend you get the free trial versions. The software applications come with fully functional trials for MAC and Windows.

To purchase the tools, the current offer gives you the three primary products needed for photo enhancements – DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, and Sharpen AI – for just $199.99. This includes a year of unlimited upgrades.

We are not alone

Since 2016, more than a million photographers, designers, and – believe it or not – astronomers, have turned to Topaz Labs to enhance their photos.

Observational astronomers rely on accurate imagery to make scientific images of their observations. When you have spent many nights imaging supernovae and galaxies gazillions of miles from Earth, how do you accurately enhance those images without adversely affecting their accuracy?

So, the next time Linda from marketing sends you 38KB thumbnails of sponsor logos for their photo backdrop banner, turn to the magic of Topaz Labs’ AI software and make your own miracle.

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